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Playtest update, changes to the gamescape design

Just thought we’d throw out an update.

The playtest has provided us a ton of information to think about.  Between the in-house playtests and “blind” playtests conducted by people who have either signed up here or are participating via the Board Game Geek forums, we’ve gotten quite a few solid recommendations for changes.  Those changes are underway.  The biggest change is the gamescape design. We’re moving away from the base tile / terrain tile construct and going with a modular board constructed from tiles that have a combination of normal and terrain squares.  This makes it much easier to print and assemble the gamescape and gives us greater flexibility in our designs.  The drawback is there is an overall decrease in flexibility and variability in the gamescape design.  We’re countering that by producing a ton of different tiles for each gamescape theme.  Check back soon for a revised version of our Streets of Ruin gamescape pack.

We’ve got other changes in the works, but we need to fully playtest them before integration.

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