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Revised Gamescape Pack (Streets of Ruin)

Greetings all,

Just thought I’d mention we’ve totally revamped the Streets of Ruin Gamescape Pack.  I’ll add a full gallery and a new download for the print resolution .pdf soon.  Here’s a rundown of the changes for the new version of Streets of Ruin:

1. A top-down 3D perspective with height for the walls.
2. The colors used for the outlines for the various terrain types were taken from a “colorblind friendly” palette.
3. Additionally, each section of terrain also has a corresponding symbol.
4. Previously every square that had a special terrain type was outlined. Now we’ve just outlined an entire area if the special terrain is continuous.
5. Dashed line rather than a solid line, as it seemed to draw attention to the terrain types better.
6. New textures I used for concrete; I like the new concrete texture much better.
7. New set of textures for the buildings.

Here are a couple samples.  Let us know what you think.

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