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3d miniature designs

Exciting news.  We have received the first look at some 3d deign concepts for a miniatures line for STA.  Check out the first glimpses of the Tremor miniature design.

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Ray SmithFebruary 16, 2013 - 7:01 pm

Whoa! STA really snuck up on me!

Just doing one of my usual perusings of BGG, I saw a PnP version of STA and decided to check out your website. I’m so glad I did. It looks super!

I love the setting/background and the character artwork is waaaay awesome. And now you’re throwing minis at me!! Holy . . . !

Sooo, the big question is, will this become a professional production? A Kickstarter project? When, when, when?

Now for my two cents:
I greatly prefer the one large character card, and I like the old title/logo better.

Regards, and best wishes.

STA Development TeamFebruary 16, 2013 - 9:43 pm

Ray, thanks for the feedback. Glad you like the minis.

I just added STA to BGG today as a sort of “soft launch” for the game. We’re still doing some final tweaks to the core rules of the game, but our focus is about to shift to playtesting balance issues for the Marauders and Combine, developing the campaign system, and developing more scenarios.

Here’s the plan for STA: it will always be available for free as a PnP game. I’m targeting a Kickstarter campaign sometime late this year for the core rules and at least the Combine, Marauders, and Streets of Ruin Gamescape. We’ll probably go with a US manufacturer with a small print run, so the price point will likely be a little higher than comparable games.

The eventual goal will be to release all six factions and a themed campaign for each. Each campaign will have tailored scenarios and a themed Gamescape.

Right now, we’re planning to package tokens and standup paper minis with the game. I have worked with a professional 3d mini designer to produce concepts for 4 minis so far (one from each of the first four factions we developed). I’ve posted pics of the 3d renders on BGG and I’ll add a new entry to the website here with the pics too. Bottom-line, though, is that minis will push up the cost of the game significantly. We’re trying to balance whether to go with a more realistic, smaller print run without minis or reach for the stars.

If you’re interested in staying involved with STA, the best thing to do is like our Facebook page (we really need to expand our social media presence as we move closer to a Kickstarter campaign), sign up for our newsletter (that’s where all the info for the game goes first), and join the Beta playtest!

Thanks for your interest!

STA Development TeamFebruary 16, 2013 - 9:45 pm

Oh yea..glad you like the single card design. As for the logo, we had a poll in our last couple newsletters and the new logo won out, but nothing is set in stone yet. We still have time to toy around with new ideas before the final version of the game is complete.

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