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Character Card and Tokens:
Character cards have a character’s critical information and are used to track health.  Character tokens represent characters on the gamescape.  Miniatures can be used in place of tokens.

Character Type: A unique descriptor for the character.

Character Classification: A broad descriptor that can influence the effects of abilities.

Level: Each character has three levels: Recruit, Veteran, and Elite.  In campaigns, all characters begin as Recruits and gain levels over time.

Value: The point value of a character reflects its overall power and is used during the setup process to determine character selection.

Health: Characters have between one and three health points per level.  When characters are injured in combat, they lose health points.

Move: Move is the maximum number of squares a character can move in a turn.

Weapon Range: Weapon Range is the maximum number of squares that a character can make a Ranged Combat attack.

Close Combat: Close Combat is a character’s skill in hand-to-hand combat.  This is the number of 10-sided dice rolled when the character makes an attack against an adjacent character.

Ranged Combat: Ranged Combat is a character’s skill with ranged weapons and area attacks.  This is the number of 10-sided dice rolled when the character makes a ranged attack.

Defense: Defense represents a character’s ability to defend itself against all types of attacks.  This number is the target attackers try to exceed on their attack rolls.

Abilities: Each character has abilities.  Abilities are defined in Faction Packs.  Rules for Abilities always trump the core STA rules.

Designator: Designators are used to correlate character cards to character tokens if more than one of the same character type is used in a skirmish.

Faction: Each card and token is color-coded to match a faction and has the faction’s symbol.

Name: Characters can be given names.  This allows their progress to be easily tracked during campaigns.