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After choosing a scenario and skirmish points, players construct the gamescape.  Gamescapes are formed by combining nine 7” x 7” gridded tiles.

Creating the Gamescape: Unless a scenario specifies otherwise, each player rolls one 10-sided dice.  The player with the highest roll (Player 1, hereafter) chooses a tile and places it on the play area.  Player 1 then chooses a second tile and places is alongside the first tile.  Player 2 then chooses two tiles.  Player 2 places one tile alongside either of the tiles placed by Player 1.  Player 2 then places their second tile.  This tile can be placed alongside any of the tiles already in play.  Player 1 then draws two tiles, places them, and this continues until a gamescape of 3 x 3 tiles has been assembled.  All touching sides of the tiles must match.

Terrain: Terrain types include: clear, blocking, difficult, elevated, and water.  Each square consists of only one type of terrain.

Destroying Terrain: Characters can attack and destroy Blocking and Elevated Terrain by making a successful Close or Ranged Combat attack against the terrain.

Gamescape Packs: Gamescape Packs are tiles that share a common theme.  For example, the Streets of Ruin Gamescape Pack, which is available on the STA website, is themed after a war-torn urban environment.

Streets of Ruin

Below is a sample gallery of the first gamescape set – Streets of Ruin.  You can download a print resolution quality version of the Streets of Ruin gamescape pack as well as additional gamescapes on the downloads page.